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Introduction to Green Dream Valley

Hemp offers many opportunities for farmers and consumers to benefit from this diverse plant. Cannabis was once part of our country's history and has now resurfaced to be part of our country's future. We live in a country where people take pride in their heritage and we at Green Dream Valley want to be a part of the stories yet to be told.
We built this business from the ground up on the family farm. We are certified organic and have quality as the highest priority when it comes to a finalized product for the consumer. Our goal is to provide the consumer with quality products and to build healthy relationships within the hemp community. Our products/processes are third party tested and locally sourced as much as possible. 

We take pride in our work and strive to achieve a quality product. We grow, clone, plant, flower, harvest, and dry everything onsite at our family owned certified organic farm. From there we conduct third party testing to check for contaminants. We then choose a reputable company to extract the CBD oil and package it into a final product. When choosing an oil extraction/packaging company, they need to hold Organic certifications and practice CGMP standards. We source all that we can in house and choose a company that demonstrates the commitment and quality that we expect to achieve. 

Not all CBD products are made equally, minimal standardization measures are present in this industry. We know firsthand that money is hard earned and we don’t want to see you waist yours.


Philip & Adam Pieper (Co-owners)

"Our goal is to allow people to experience first hand and to make the decision for themselves about the amazing benefits that cannabis has to offer."

Hemp Plant

Perfect for us!

After seeing the potential that hemp has to offer, from helping people to helping with sustainability, we knew that this was the business for us. 

Aside from helping others it has personally helped us as well. This business has brought two brothers back together on the farm. We are making a new way for ourselves and strengthening our family and establishing great friendships with those around us. 

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Natural Tincture

Natural Tincture

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USDA Certified organic by MOSA